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February 6, 2009

Can an Onion Really Charge an iPod?

21-year-old UK resident Owen Louis has devised a way to charge his iPod using an onion! First, Louis makes two holes in the onion, then he soaks it in energy drink. Using a standard USB cable, he connects his iPod to the onion.

According to CleanTechnica, Louis' method is a hoax:

However, according to the Guardian (25 November), it appears that the basic science behind the idea is correct, but that this particular technique is a hoax. The article quotes Jon Edwards of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry (no less), who says "The science behind the idea isn't bad - you can generate an electric current from vegetables - but the video is a hoax." He explains that it can't work because you need two electrodes to provide a reaction and a reason for an electric current to flow.

Mythbusters: Collection 1 (4pc) agrees:

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July 15, 2008

mStation Stereo Orb - Green Ball Plays Music


What's not to like in a green little eco-sphere of stereo madness? Well for one this product isn't all that natural, but it does indeed bring home the green eco-sphere point when listening to music. Perhaps you might get this instead of some other iPod stereo dock just for that reason, or maybe just because it looks really cool.

How does it work? You just put the music on your iPod, dock it onto the Orb and then you can use the 10 key remote to adjust volume, bass, and treble levels. The mStation Stereo Orb has a built in subwoofer to pump out a nice sound. This is a perfect set up for listening to music in the kitchen, or even in the backyard while gardening.

Via Gizmos for Geeks at mStation Stereo Orb

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February 28, 2008

Is Bamboo Really Green?

bamboo-forest.jpg There's no doubt that bamboo grows like a weed, but what about the processes used to turn bamboo into fabric and flooring?
  •  LA Times: Green clothes: How green is my bamboo T-shirt?- This article states that farming is what makes bamboo clothing green, but that "strong chemical solvents such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH - also known as caustic soda or lye) and carbon disulfide in a process also known as hydrolysis alkalization combined with multi-phase bleaching" is used to break down the woody shoots and leaves.  These chemicals are especially harmful to workers.
"growing it is really green, but manufacturing it into useful plywood boards, for anything that the tubular stalks won't do on their own...well, not so much. It's a pretty messy, intensive process; as such, it's important to look for bamboo made with water-based, formaldehyde-free adhesives with low/no-VOC finishes, if you're looking for some grass-based interiors."
"the manufacturing processes where bamboo the plant is transformed into bamboo the fabric are where the sustainability and eco-friendly luster of bamboo is tarnished because of the heavy chemicals, some of which are toxic, that are often required. Very, very little bamboo clothing would qualify as sustainable or organic clothes."
Bamboo can be processed naturally, similar to how linen is processed from flax, but "very little bamboo linen is manufactured for clothing because it is more labor intensive and costly."
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December 13, 2006

Not So Natural, but Oh-So-Delicious: Clementines and Cappuccino Truffles

Looking for a simple yet sophisticated holiday dessert that will have your guests oohing, ahhing and asking for more? One that requires basically zero prep time, and might even count as healthy? images.jpegt.2003jan19_clementines.jpgWell, you should probably keep looking, but I can tell you about something that knocked my socks off in Whole Foods yesterday afternoon:

Clementines and Cappuccino Truffles.

Recipes for Cappuccino Truffles abound on the Web. Amazon sells a pretty cool make-your-own-truffles kit which looks positively gourmet. Me, I was happy to plunk down four bucks and change for the Whole Foods variety, which had me moaning in the produce aisle.

Clementines are at their peak right now, so don't dillydally. Pick up a box, and next time you have the neighbors over, prepare them to be impressed.

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October 31, 2006

Happy Healthy Halloween, Part 2

Whole Foods Halloween not your style? Well, for something completely different, check out this article by Jeremy Likness on BodyBuilding.com. Among Jeremy's tips for a healthier Halloween:

Take in fewer carbohydrates throughout the day. This will deplete glycogen so that your "treats" are more likely to re-supply your muscles than get stored as fat.

Train intensely after having a few low carbohydrate meals to further deplete glycogen stores.

Save those treats for post-workout. Have a protein shake with your favorite candies on the side!

Have a meal replacement shake or some other, healthy meal, before sampling the candy. With your appetite appeased, you are less likely to gorge and go overboard on the treats.

Avoid taking coffee in conjunction with your treats, as coffee combined with sugar may increase fat storage.

The article ends by getting all metaphorical on us. Our ugly non-buff bodies are actually a costume, and we have the opportunity to take that costume off and reveal the "real us" with bodybuilding. As Jeremy explains:

Eventually, I made the choice and I changed my costume. Now, I like the way it fits. Me? I'm the same person, but I've grown both on the inside and the outside. Inside, I learned to let go of emotions that ruled my life - depression, anger, envy, and other negative influences that were just dragging me down. This inner change gave me the strength, faith, and belief to realize that I am in control - and so, I slowly changed the outside to a more comfortable fit. Now I like the way I wear my body.

Okay, bodybuilding isn't necessarily the first thing we think of when we think Really Natural. Still, we think Jeremy's messages is actually a pretty good one. So go on, be like Jeremy. And change your costume with healthier eating, exercise, and, yes, visualization. Happy Halloween, Jeremy. Can't wait to see what you're wearing next year.

Read more at BodyBuilding.com.

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October 6, 2006

Fall Foliage Without the Raking: Eleni's Cookies

Okay, this is stretching the limits of "natural, wholesome and organic" but there are some things we just can't resist. Like these cute little squirrel cookies, sitting on a pile of autumn leaves and acorns. Yep. They are irresistable.

Eleni's of New York City offers these "Fall Foliage" cookies in two varieties - ginger spice and sugar. Squirrels, acorns, and bright colored leaves you don't have to rake. What more could you ask?

Eleni's uses all natural ingredients - you know, sugar, butter, flour. So while the cookies aren't "organic," they should at least get points for "wholesomeness." And after all that raking outside, don't you deserve a little treat?

Eleni's is currently offering a 10% discount on all web orders delivered by October 12th. Enter promotion code FALLFOLIAGE06 at check out. And save us a squirrel!

Available at Eleni's.

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August 12, 2006

Not So Natural: Re-grow Teeth with Computer Chip

5971 8080662403

Okay - so this isn't that natural but it's a pretty amazing breakthrough. The ability to re-grow teeth is nothing short of astounding. How do they do it? A small chip is implanted near the area and it pulses slowly to stimulate growth. It's supposedly very non-invasive and the researchers hope to have the device ready for public use in the next two years.

Full Article at gizmag

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August 2, 2006

Natural Waterfall Door


Get the perfect entrance for you house if you really want people to see everything going on inside and also just walk through the front door. Sure, the water door brings a natural feel to an unnatural idea, but we not so sure we'd get one. And yes - it's actually for sale.

Via OhGizmo! at ElseWare Watur Door

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July 21, 2006

Un-Naturally Fit with Nike iPod Combo

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You may be surprised to see an iPod ad Nike shoes on Really Natural - and so are we. Nike has really been trying to clean up it's act and we're going to give them some credit for also trying to get americans off their rather large asses and get out and get fit. A natural healthy body can be achieved with un-natural means - and sometimes that's just the way it has to happen.

How does the Nike iPod help get you fit?

The Nike+iPod Sport Kit lets you tailor your running experience for the ultimate workout. Just put the sensor into a special pocket in the Nike+ midsole, then plug a receiver into the Dock connector on your iPod Nano. The sensor & receiver give you instant feedback on your performance, through the iPod and its screen. You'll be able to track distance, time, pace and calories burned. You can also set up PowerSongs -- access teh tunes that get you pumped instantly. It's everything you need to manage your workout AND enjoy it more.

At Nike + iPod Sports Kit

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May 5, 2006

And Really Not Recipe... White Gravy

...and Really Not is a section devoted to those decidedly unnatural products that we just can't seem to purge from our lives. Of course, this would include recipes that aren't the best for our bodies, but truly wonderful for our souls.

A special thanks to Spencer Gardner and his knowledge of down-home cookin' for this traditional recipe (and truly Spencer iteration) for White Gravy...

ArrowContinue reading: "And Really Not Recipe... White Gravy"

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March 1, 2006

...And Really Not: Ajax with Bleach

...and Really Not is a section devoted to those decidedly unnatural products that we just can't seem to purge from our lives. Today's candidate: Ajax with Bleach Powder Cleanser.

ArrowContinue reading: "...And Really Not: Ajax with Bleach"

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January 25, 2006

... and Really Not: Silver Patron Tequila, A New Mother's Best Friend

margarita.jpg...and Really Not is a section devoted to those decidedly unnatural products that we just can't seem to purge from our lives. Today's candidate: Silver PatrĂ³n Tequila.

ArrowContinue reading: "... and Really Not: Silver Patron Tequila, A New Mother's Best Friend"

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...and Really Not: Wrigley's Orbit Bubblemint Gum

...and Really Not is a section devoted to those decidedly unnatural products that we just can't seem to purge from our lives. Today's candidate: Wrigley's Orbit Bubblemint Gum.

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