July 27, 2009

Phthalate and Paraben-Free Fragrance Fleur D'Amour

fleur d'amour.jpg
Did you know that some perfume contain phthlates and parabens? Sylvie Beljanksi has just released fleur d'amour, a fragrance that "allows women to indulge in a safe, phthalate-free way with a combination of French sophistication and technological innovation." Creator Belijanski explains:

I believe that a woman's beauty routine should be toxin-free, because putting toxins in your body will make you neither healthy nor beautiful. A natural beauty routine will make you feel good inside and out. Fleur d'Amour was created for the woman wants to do everything she can to maintain a healthy routine - and include a final indulgence.

I looked up several other fleur d'amour ingredients on Skin Deep to see how safe the fragrance sample would be for my daughter's play. Hazard scores go from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most hazardous:
I am not a perfume fan and personally prefer essential oils that I know are all natural; however, fleur d'amour offers women a safer alternative to many commercial fragrances. 

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July 20, 2009

Natural Botanical Cotton Wipes for Feet, Hands, and Face

jamar labs.png Sometimes, you just need a hand wipes, but do you really want one filled with chemicals? I remember watching my daughter's teacher use a chemical wipe on a child's face after she had sneezed, and the child cried in pain from the chemicals. A safer, more eco-friendly option exists. Jamar Labs makes all natural wipes for your hands, feet, and face.
Cherish the souls of your feet, the touch of your hands, and the smile on your face by treating them with the utmost respect with a Jamar Labs creation - 'Wipe your hands', 'Wipe your Feet', 'Wipe your Face' - the only 100% natural cotton foot wipes and one of the only 100% natural cotton hand and face wipes that are powered with natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredients.

Symbiotically wipe away bacteria, dirt and germs while treading gently on
your body as well as the earth. Jamar wipes don't contain potentially
harmful agents such as Paraben and phthalate -- two chemicals used in many
commercial wipes. And, Jamar labs products are all biodegradable, allowing
less of a carbon footprint.

These handy wipes are made in Israel and are great for situations where you don't have access to a sink, soap, and wash cloth.
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July 17, 2009

Natural Beauty: Natural, Herbal Eyelash and Eyebrow Conditioner Lashfood

lashfood.jpg Do you wish you had fuller eyelashes or eyebrows? LashFood LashFood Eyelash Conditioning Stimulant has a natural, herbal solution.
Nourish your lashes with this natural conditioning stimulant. LashFood uses natural ingredients that provide you with stunning results: thicker, darker, stronger, longer, more beautiful lashes. Apply LashFood in the same manner as if applying eyeliner twice a day (morning and evening) and see results within 2-3 weeks! Uniquely formulated by cosmetic scientists, this breakthrough natural, liquid formula of biotin and arginie (natural amino acids) and iris extract (natural oriental medicine complex extract) promotes the natural growth of healthy lashes. LashFood can be used: -On lashes to transform frail and brittle lashes to become healthy and strong. -On eyebrows for a smooth and even brow line and stimulant. -On eyebrows for thicker, fuller and darker brows for those with sparse or balding areas.
I was given a bottle of Lashfood to try. I am not one for cosmetics, but Lashfood doesn't feel like a cosmetic to me. It is just a conditioner, and I noticed a difference in my eyelashes with the first application. I also did not notice Lashfood on my eyelashes, like how mascara makes them feel heavy. It is light and effective.
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June 29, 2009

Green Perfume and Organic Aromatherapy for Men and Women by Nantucket Natural Oils

nantucket.jpg Natural oils can do wonders for the body and soul, unlike perfumes that contain alcohol and come with a heavy price tag. Nantucket Natural Oils custom creates many products from after shave balm to shampoos that will delight your senses.
Nantucket Natural Oils, The Fragrance Bar, was established in 1983 when John Harding discovered he has the one-in-a-million olfactory equivalent of perfect pitch. He's been sniffing his way to sweet success in the perfume industry ever since. Frustrated by the high alcohol content and short shelf life of most designer scents, the effusive Harding set out to create his own fragrance formula.
We recently tried out a few affordable Nantucket Natural Oils products:
Chill Out Sport Rub:
Cool and refreshing, this rub has anti-inflammatory properties to work deeply and relax over-used muscles while increasing blood flow and boosting energy. Contains menthol, camphor, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, sage oil and fir needle. Spots only, do not apply to full body. Nantucket Natural Oil's fine natural-perfumed massage products, appropriate for professional practitioners and personal use, are specially formulated to relieve muscle soreness and tension, while nourishing and softening the skin with vitamins and botanicals.
Organic Spa Shea Butter & White Tea Massage Lotion:
70% Certified Organic Ingredients. One of the only Organic Massage Lotions on the market, this luxurious lotion provides optimal manipulation of skin and muscles with a smooth glide and lasting workability to both the spa professional and at home user. It is light and silky, yet penetrates slowly to allow for a long lasting,pampering massage experience. Ultra rich emollients - sunflower seed oil and shea butter, plus nourishing Certified Organic aloe, calendula, comfrey and anti-oxidants white tea and vitamin E, replenish and soften skin while protecting it from free radical damage. Unscented, this lotion can easily be customized with a few drops of any Nantucket Natural Oil of your choice for aromatherapeutic benefits.
Nantucket Blend- Rain:
Nantucket Rain is a nice mix with the notes of HONEYSUCKLE AND DAFFODIL. Nantucket rain - spring flora of the island.
The One by Dolce & Gabbana for Men: Introduced by Dolce & Gabbana in 2006.
The One is a warm, oriental floral with modern sensuality. Created for the ultimate diva, The One is at once tempting, modern and glamorous, embracing a touch of classicism. The top notes radiate a vibrant luminosity, with a sun-touched citrus blend of bergamot and mandarin. Warm fruity notes of luscious lychee and succulent peach add to the delight. The passionate heart evokes an exploding femininity, with an opulent floral soul comprised of madonna lily, muguet and jasmine, creating a distinct, audacious signature. An unexpected hint of plum glows as the base finally blooms with the luscious allure of precious vetyver, accentuated with the lasting warmth of vanilla and sweetened ambery-musk tones.

The Chill Out Sport Rub was just what I needed after a hard day of physical labor building a rock wall. It was a relaxing blessing! My Spa Shop is a great place to shop for Nantucket Natural Oils!

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June 12, 2009

Green Beauty Giveaway: Winner of Sustainable Youth Total Immune Performance Regimen

sustainable youth.gifWe have a winner of the Sustainable Youth Total Immune Performance Regimen! Congratulations Erma Hurtt! Erma's answers to the Sustainable Youth scavenger hunt:

1. Alasta™ is and anti-aging compund that helps to improve the skin's elasticity and firmness through its ability to boost machrophage activation, the immune system's first line of defense.
2. inner cheek enhancement, crows feet reduction, arm lift
3. They believe that Beauty can and should be achieved from the Inside Out
4. Anti-aging
5. All the case studies and proven effects of using their unique products.

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June 9, 2009

All Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin

skin.jpg The following skin recipes comes from the author of Clean Body: The Humble Art of Zen-Cleansing Yourself author Michael Dejong.  We reviewed this great little book last month that has all the information you need using only five common ingredients to take care of all your body needs.
Skin Recipes
by Michael DeJong,
Author of Clean Body:The Humble Art of Zen-Cleansing Yourself

Mix together equal parts of extra virgin olive oil and salt to create a wonderful skin softener.  Mix the two, so that the salt soaks up the olive oil, and then scrub your entire body, head to toe.  Expect to be energized as well as exfoliated.  Massage the mixture into your body and wash off thoroughly.  You'd pay good money for this treatment if you were at a spa!

Cut two lemons into super-skinny slivers.  Dribble half a dozen drops of olive oil onto the citrus slices.  Give it a toss, and finish with three cups of sea salt.  Then, it's hands off while the concoction cures for at least five minutes.  Add your citrus dermadip to a hot and steamy bath.  Lock the door, put on some soothing music, and submerge yourself into the citrus mix by loosening up and settling down for a long, luxurious, lazy soak. Reappear recharged and revived. You owe yourself this one!

Liberate yourself of dead skin cells with this awesome all-over exfoliator.  Blend three quarters of a cup of sea salt or coarse kosher salt, three tablespoons of baking soda, and one-quarter cup of olive oil in a bowl.  Jump into a warm-to-hot shower, douse yourself down, dip a washcloth into the mixture, and scrub everything you can reach with the all-over exfoliator.  Rinse well.  Find your newly revealed, stunningly soft skin sparkling fresh and re-energized.

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June 5, 2009

Green Grooming Products for Men by Every Man Jack

everymanjack.jpg Every Man Jack has created a line of "all natural" grooming products for men. These products contain no parabens, no phthalates, no dyes, no synthetic fragrances, no sodium lauryl sulfates, and no animal testing.
Will this boost my energy and stamina? Get plenty of rest, eat right and exercise, and you'll be on your way. Speaking of energy, this invigorating spiced pepper body wash will nourish and protect your skin, cleaning deeply to remove your body's dirt and grime. So you feel refreshed, but never dry.

Will this clear up my past? That might be asking a lot. As far as your skin goes, our lotion with maximum strength acne fighting medicine will take care of current breakouts and help prevent future ones. Botanical extracts soothe away irritation and dryness.

Will this help me shed pounds? Only if you count stubble. Meanwhile, this rich gel formula comforts and protects your face for a close shave, while the soothing formula hydrates and heals your skin. Leaving skin looking fresh and healthy. Made for sensitive skin.

Will this make me "The Man?" If you're the only guy in your household, then yes. Meanwhile, our invigorating shampoo + weightless conditioner will gently cleanse and moisturize your hair and scalp, while removing excess oil and build-up. Leaves hair stronger, softer, and healthier. Ideal for daily use.

"The Man" in my household is very sensitive to fragrances in grooming products designed for men, and he approved of the slight scents in the Every Man Jack products.  These products are very affordable (between $5-$10) and available at Target. 

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June 4, 2009

Green Beauty Giveaway: Win Sustainable Youth Total Immune Performance Regimen

sustainable youth.gif In May, we reviewed Sustainable Youth's Total Immune Performance Regimen. Now it's your turn to win a complete package of these great anti-aging products!

Find the Keys to Sustainable Youth Treasure Hunt Contest

To enter:

1.  Visit www.sustainableyouthproducts.com
2.  Find the answers to the following four questions:
    • a. What is Alasta T?
    • b. List three areas where Sustainable Youth Products are most helpful (e.g eyelift Fold) (hint, view Case Studies).
    • What is Sustainable Youth's Philosophy?
    • Fill in the blank to complete the connection: Immune Performance, Anti- Inflammation, and _________
    • Bonus: In your opinion, what is most unique about Sustainable Youth Products?
3.  Return to Really Natural and leave a comment to this post with your answers.

Contest Rules:
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.
  • Open to U.S. residents only.
  • One entry per person.
  • Contest closes Friday, June 12, 2009 at 12:00 am.
Good luck!
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May 20, 2009

Anti-Aging, Sustainable Beauty Products Made with Alasta

sustainable youth.jpg Even though I do not consider myself vain, as I approach my late thirties, I have turned to anti-aging, all natural beauty products. Recently, I discovered three products by Sustainable Youth that feature Alasta.

What is Alasta? Alasta comes from the rind of aloe plants and contains immune-stimulatory extracts.

Though its precise pathway has not been charted, based on clinical testing, it is clear that a positive, supportive relationship exists between the use of Alasta™ and the ability to help reduce overall inflammation in the body to help sustain the quality and appearance of youth.

Alasta™ appears to affect the performance of certain immune cells which results in less inflammation. Less inflammation results in less oxidative stress, fewer free radical reactions, and less collagen cross-linking, resulting in increased elasticity and firmness.

These products are clinically proven to increase skins elasticity and firmness up to 72% in just eight weeks. I cannot personally comment on these claims, as I have only been using the products for a week, but I really like the way they make my skin feel. Sustainable Youth products are organic, all natural, and vegan!

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May 15, 2009

Zen and the Art of Green Body Cleaning

cleanbody.jpg Clean Body: The Humble Art of Zen-Cleansing Yourself is an amazing little book about green beauty care. According to author Michael Dejong, you only need five ingredients to take care of you body needs. From cuticle conditioning to toothpaste, everything is contained in this highly organized book.
As with the first book, this is not merely about washing away the dirt: it embodies a mindset, a philosophy, an alternative to mass consumerism. DeJong draws from Eastern belief systems--especially the element theory in Chinese medicine and Asian cooking--and harmoniously balances five pure essentials in his recipes, using baking soda, lemon, olive oil, salt, and white vinegar as the basis for his all-natural concoctions.
Personal hygiene without expensive products: This book will save you money while keeping your body green and clean. Zen philosophy enters the process in drawing our thoughts and actions into all chores, including non-toxic body care. Cleansing with natural ingredients while focusing our minds and senses on how we are one with the universe takes personal care to a Zen level.
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