January 6, 2010

Instant Coffee made with Organic Gendarma Still Tastes Like Instant Coffee

I am a coffee addict, snob, connoisseur, etc., so when I was approached to try "organic" instant coffee by OrGano Gold, I agreed with some trepidation. I was recently offered coffee at a friend's house and was served a cup of instant. I did not want to offend, so I grimaced and drank the "coffee".

OrGano Gold comes in several flavors, such as Black Gold, Mocha, and Latte, none of which resemble their true namesakes. Sure, they are a little better than Nescafe, but it is still instant coffee, and it is not even organic.

NOTE: Organo Gold coffee is not organic at this time, we are planning on introducing an organic version in the near future. All Organo Gold product contain 100% pure organic ganoderma.

The only coffee made with 100% certified ganoderma lucidum. Organo Gold Contains the most pure Certified Organic Ganoderma: A Red Mushroom that dates back over 4,000 years. Ancient generations prized this mushroom for its medicinal properties, promoting health and well-being.

Even when backpacking or traveling, I can't drink instant coffee. I carry a Mini Espresso Maker. I really can't sacrifice a good cup of joe for convenience sake.

Disclosure: I was sent free samples of these products to review. No prior assurances were given as to whether the review be positive or negative.

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December 23, 2009

100% Natural, Gluten-Free Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks in New Flavors

We've tried Funky Monkey 100% natural freeze dried snacks before, and they were a big hit in my family. Now, we have tried three new flavors:

My favorite new flavor is Applemon, but my daughter loves the Pink Pineapple. My kids love Funky Monkey, and when I told my daughter they were not organic, she said, "I don't care. They are good!" All of our samples disappeared quickly.  These snacks are gluten-free and vegan, and they contain nothing but fruit. They do stick to your molars, making the flavor last in your mouth for awhile. The product label claims these snacks are "raw", but my understanding of raw does not involve any processing, including freeze drying.

Disclosure: I was sent free samples of this product to review. No prior assurances were given as to whether the review be positive or negative

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December 22, 2009

iPhone App Helps You Choose Sustainable Seafood

The seafood industry is plagued by environmental and social consequences. From questions of sustainability to slavery, eating ethical seafood can be a challenge. The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Guide is now available for your iPhone, including a sushi guide.

Our new iPhone application brings the latest Seafood Watch recommendations directly to your iPhone or iPod touch. Now you can make sustainable seafood choices quickly and easily--whether you're eating at your favorite restaurant or shopping for dinner. And at a time when the world's oceans are severely overfished, your seafood choices make a big difference.

Seventy percent of the world's fisheries are either in decline or are already fished at their capacity. Fortunately, there are many types of tasty fish that are plentiful and are readily available. Through your iPhone, iPod Touch or mobile device with internet connection, you can search by fish and a color-coded grid identifies fish by: Best Choice, Good Alternative and Avoid.

This iPhone application is free!
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December 17, 2009

Cadbury Workers Unite Against Kraft's Hostile Takeover

The parent company of my favorite organic, fair trade chocolate Green & Black is involved in a hostile takeover by Kraft. Workers at Cadbury have united in a Keep Cadbury Independent Campaign. Food Biz Daily explains:

Cadbury workers are to launch a bid to keep the UK confectioner independent and fend off a hostile bid by Kraft...

Unite is also contacting all Cadbury shareholders to urge them to reject Kraft's bid.

The union said it will highlight what it claims to be "Kraft's plan to pay for the company through massive borrowing, Kraft's poor record in takeovers and falling share value and the union's concerns that Kraft will move all investment decisions out of the UK and into the Kraft boardroom overseas".

I certainly don't want Kraft in charge of making my favorite chocolate! I hope the Cadbury workers are successful in blocking this hostile takeover.
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December 7, 2009

Naturally "Healthy" Frozen Sorbet by Jolly Llama

Screen shot 2009-12-05 at 8.26.52 AM.png
Ever looking for a sweet frozen sweet for your family? Jolly Llama frozen sorbets are made from natural ingredients and come in squeezable containers. This whole fruit sorbets contains no dairy, gluten, or genetically modified corn sweeteners; however I wish they were organic. They do contain "non-GMO soluble corn fiber", which I am not too sure about.

Because we make our sorbets from sun-ripened whole fruit - never concentrates or juices - each Jolly Llama bursts with the mouth-watering freshness of real fruit and retains the rich store of nutrients that nature intended. Our Acai "superfruit" sorbet is particularly high in antioxidants. All of our sorbets are low in fat and each averages just 75 calories per tube. To make our sorbets even healthier, we fortify them with Vitamins A & C (50% RDI or greater) and naturally healthy fiber (10% RDI or greater).

The reviews in my family of Jolly Llama range from "yum" to "too sweet". My five-year-old son likes them, but he can't finish a whole tube, which my daughter does not mind finishing for him. She is the biggest Jolly Llama fan in the family and loves the strawberry flavor. I think the cold sorbet feels good on my sore throat.

Disclosure: I was sent free samples of Jolly Llama's sorbets in order to taste them for this review. No prior assurances were given as to whether the review would be positive or negative.

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December 2, 2009

Gluten Free Cooking: Bob's Red Mill Shortbread Cookie Mix

gluten free shortbread mix.jpgBob's Red Mill Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie Mix is a new product for celiacs and their families. Unfortunately, this product does not come in a recyclable container or contain organic ingredients, but they are gluten-free. Each cookie contains 29 grams of carbohydrates, so they are not diabetic-friendly, however, there are only eight grams of sugar.

Ingredients: Potato Starch, Sugar, Whole Grain Sorghum Flour, Cornstarch, Tapioca Starch, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Natural Vanilla Powder (sugar, cornstarch, vanilla extract).

Making this mix is rather easy, although we used twice as much water as the package required. It is not a kid-friendly mix, as most gluten-free ingredients are difficult to work with for little hands. The dough did roll (and re-roll) out easily between plastic wrap (bottom layer of parchment paper works best), and small cookie cutters are best. The finished cookies are excellent and taste is not compromised by the gluten-free ingredients.

Bob's Red Mill uses "an ELISA Gluten Assay test to determine if a product is gluten free," so you can be assured this product is allergen-free for celiacs.

Disclosure: I was sent a free package of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie Mix to try out in order to write this review. No prior assurances were given as to the positive or negative nature of the review in exchange for the product.

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November 23, 2009

Organic, Gluten Free Kids Cereals by Nature's Path Not Just for Kids!

gluten free.jpg
Celiac's disease runs in my family, so we try to limit our gluten intake, even though no one has yet to show gluten sensitivity. Many of Nature's Paths Envirokidz line of organic cereals has always been gluten-free. Some of our favorites include:

All of these products are gluten-free, organic, vegetarian, low in sodium, and contain no preservatives or additives.

Disclosure: I was sent the above described products to try out in order to write an authentic review. Assurances were not given as to whether the review would be positive or negative.

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November 16, 2009

This Isn't the Caramel Apple of Your Youth (It's Also Not Organic)

You have until Monday, November 23, 2009 to order one of these unique Caramel Apples from Mrs. Prindables in time for Thanksgiving. Loaded with chocolate, almonds, and peanut butter chips, this apple serves between eight to ten people. Mrs. Prindables also makes gourmet gift baskets.

My family tried one of the Autumn Wreath Jumbo Apples. My deprived children had never had a caramel apple before, and they didn't know what to expect. This apple is so loaded with chocolate and peanut butter chips, it's hard to find the apple inside. It's a good thing a tart granny smith is inside to counter that sweetness on the outside. In my opinion, it's a little (OK, a lot) too much. My children enjoyed it, but this apple is not made from organic ingredients and contains corn syrup (not high fructose).

Disclosure:  I was sent this product for review at no cost.  No assurances were given as to whether the review would be positive or negative in exchange for the product.

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November 12, 2009

Select an Organic, Free Range, Antibiotic Free Turkey this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a week away, and you may be wondering what kind of bird to serve (if you serve a bird at all). The domestication of the turkey is actually a sad story in the history of poultry. In fact, genetic selection for conformity and weight have resulted in a industry in which artificial insemination is the norm and "natural mating is virtually impossible". Barbara Kingsolver shares her amusing tale in turkey breeding in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, but not many birds are so lucky. Besides problems with natural procreation, the poultry industry produces between two to four billion pounds of feather waste each year!

Around Thanksgiving time, the old adage "You are what you eat" rings true, thus you should select an organic, free range, antibiotic free turkey. Consider these free range turkey facts:

  • According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the single condition for the term 'free-range' is that birds have access to the outdoors. All other facets of a free-range turkey's life can be indistinguishable from the living conditions of a conventional-raised bird.

  • To prevent free-roaming birds from injuring each other in the grow-out quarters, a portion of their beaks and toes are severed without the aid of anesthesia. Ian J.H. Duncan, a professor of Poultry Ethology at the University of Guelph in Canada, says "the idea of beak trimming being a short-lived discomfort for the bird may be far from accurate. The short and long-term changes in behavior, particularly the substantial decrease in activities involving the beak and the increase in inactivity particularly in the first week after the operation, suggests that the birds are suffering severe pain."

  • Free-range turkeys are slaughtered between 14 and 25 weeks of age. Reaching 'slaughter-age', turkeys are transported via multi-tiered, flat-bed trucks in overcrowded wire cages, enduring all types of weather conditions. Arriving at the slaughterhouse, the fully-conscious birds are hung by their legs and their throats are slashed. The Humane Slaughter Act and Animal Welfare Act exempt turkeys from legal protection.

Do your homework and buy a bird that has truly lived in ethical conditions before it ends up on your table, or you could avoid the bird altogether and have a vegan Thanksgiving.
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November 11, 2009

Green, Eco-Friendly Non-Stick, Non-Scratch Extreme Temperature Ceramic Cookware

extrema cookware.jpg
Finally, there is a safe, green alternative in non-stick, non-scratch cookware. Cermacor's Xtrema cookware is amazing! From saucepans to tea kettles, "Xtrema is healthier than any other cookware and we have documented scientific and laboratory testing to prove it." There are many, many benefits to Xtrema, beside avoiding teflon or aluminum:

  • Xtreme High Temperature: Cookware can withstand 2,700 F, Steel can melt at 2,200 F

  • Xtremely Easy to Clean: Non-Scratch, Non-Toxic Ceramic Glaze Surface

  • Xtremely Attractive: High Gloss Black Finish

  • Xtremely Versatile: Oven, Stovetop, Broiler, Freezer, Barbeque Grill, Microwave Oven, Dishwasher and Dining Room Table

  • Xtremely Healthy Cooking: No Trace Metals or Chemicals Leaching from the Cooking Surface

  • Xtremely Practical: Reduces Cooking Time and Uses Less Energy, Foods Stay Hotter Longer

  • Xtremely Tasty: Ceramic Far Infrared Cooking Enhances the Food Flavor and the Entire Cooking Experience

  • Xtremely Durable: Cooking Surface can not be Scratched, even by Metal Utensils and Industrial Steel Wool

Extrema cookware is handcrafted in China, taking 22 days from start to finish:
The Chinese artisans have been handcrafting ceramics for over 5,000 years and we believe in providing the consumer with the very best in product quality and that is why we decided to have our product made where the finest ceramics in the world are made and that is in mainland China.

My family tested out a Three Piece 20 Oz Retro Tea Set and pie plate. We love Xtrema. It is the best green cookware on the market, and I highly recommend it! It's super easy to clean, and I am assured my family is not being poisoned by the very cookware our food is prepared in.

Disclosure: I was given the tea set and pie plate in order to test the products to write this review. There were no advance assurances given as to whether the review would be positive or negative.

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